Citrix CPBM

The Citrix Cloud Portal Business Manager (CPBM) is a portal for provisioning hosted applications, desktops, services and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) from the cloud. With the Helion Stackato Connector, it can provision a Helion Stackato deployment.

CPBM Helion Stackato Connector Installation

  1. Download a Helion Stackato VM
  2. Boot the Helion Stackato VM anywhere on the network and configure as per the Server Configuration documentation.
  3. Add a DNS entry for the Helion Stackato instance. This must be subdomain of the CPBM instance for SSO to work.

CPBM Helion Stackato Connector Usage

  1. Log in to your Citrix Cloud Portal
  2. On the Home tab select the All Services tab. HPE Helion Stackato should be listed.
  3. On the HPE Helion Stackato service, click Enable .
  4. Step through the wizard (accept terms, and so on).
  5. Add tenant roles: Every role should be "Helion Stackato User".
  6. After the wizard completes, the page will reload showing an Add instead of Enable.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Follow the Add Service Instance wizard, for example:
  • Service Instance Description
    • Name: stackato-X
    • Code: SX
    • Description: Helion Stackato X (optional)
  • Service Details
    • Helion Stackato Location:
    • Advanced:
      • Existing Helion Stackato admin email: <email>
      • Existing Helion Stackato admin password: <password>
  • Default Product Selections
    • Check "Memory Limit"
    • Under "Category, select "Infrastructure: Platform Hosting" (optional)
    • Under "Required Product Units", select GB
  • Default Product Charges
    • Memory Limit: 10.00
    • This setting is the default Product price. For example, a value of '10.00' would charge $10 for each GB over the limit. This is different from the product bundle, which is set up later.
  • Review and Confirm
    • Check that the settings are correct, then click Add