Server Configuration

This page covers the initial setup and configuration of the Helion Stackato Server in a virtual machine under control of a hypervisor running on a virtualization host.

Accessing Server via the Command Line

The Helion Stackato server has one user account initially:

Username: stackato
Password: stackato

If the Helion Stackato server is running on a publicly routable network, the password should be changed as soon as possible.


The password of the stackato account is changed to match the first user created in the Management Console. If you have created this "primary admin" user, use that password instead.

Command access to the Helion Stackato server is available in several ways:

  • Over the hypervisor's tty console.

  • The Helion Stackato Client command, which in addition to specialized functions can provide remote shell access to the server:

    $ stackato target api.stackato-xxxx.local
    $ stackato login <admin-user>
    $ stackato ssh -a api
  • The familiar ssh command:

    $ ssh stackato@stackato-xxxx.local


For ssh access on Windows, MSYS is recommended.

On the server, the control command for Helion Stackato is called kato. It is used for configuration and node management procedures such as start, stop, role specialization, and status checks. For a complete list of options, see Kato Client Command Reference.


All kato commands should be run as the 'stackato' system user, not as root. kato will prompt for the 'stackato' user password if sudo permissions are required for a specific operation.