Oracle VirtualBox

Recommended version: VirtualBox 4.1 or later

Initial Setup

  1. Get VirtualBox.

  2. Install it on the system you will use as the virtualization host.

  3. Launch the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager application on the virtualization host.

  4. In the File menu, click Import Appliance.

  5. In the Appliance Import Wizard dialog, click Choose and then click your Helion Stackato VM OVA file. Click Continue.

  6. A list of configuration settings is displayed. Check the "Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards" box, then click Import.

  7. Once the VM is imported, select it and click Settings, and then the Network tab.
    • Change Adapter 1 from "NAT" to "Bridged Adapter" (see NAT vs. Bridged Networking.)
    • Optional: Under Advanced, click the Refresh icon beside the MAC Address field. This could be necessary if multiple cloned VMs are being installed.
  8. Start the VM.


If you want the VM to use NAT networking, you must also set up port forwarding to pass network traffic between the VirtualBox and the Helion Stackato VM. Multicast DNS discovery of the hostname stackato-xxxx.local will not work with NAT networking.