VMware Fusion/Player

Recommended version: VMware Fusion / VMware Player 6 or newer

Initial Setup

  1. Obtain VMware Fusion or VMware Player.

  2. Install it on the system you will use as the virtualization host.

  3. Launch it on the virtualization host.

  4. In the File menu, click Open... or Open a Virtual Machine.

  5. Select your copy of the the Helion Stackato VM.

  6. When prompted with the question "Did you move this virtual machine, or did you copy it?" select "I copied it".

  7. Click Settings or Edit virtual machine settings:
    • Optional: Change the Network settings from "NAT" to "Bridged" (see NAT vs. Bridged Networking.)
    • Optional: Increase the memory allocated to the VM (necessary if you plan on running Java applications.)
  8. Start the VM.