Organizations and Spaces

Organizations and Spaces are the main organizational units in Helion Stackato.

  • Organizations have Users, Spaces, and Domains
  • Spaces have Users, Applications, and Service Instances
  • Applications have Routes (which are derived from Domains)


An organization is a top-level group of users, spaces, and domains. Only Helion Stackato admins (accounts with global superuser privileges) can create organizations.

Each organization is assigned a Quota Plan, a set of limits on memory, applications, and service instances which is share between all members of the organization.

Once an organization user has been assigned the Manager role, that Manager can take over adding further users, assigning roles, and adding domains.


Spaces are sub-groups of organizations. An organization can contain multiple spaces (for example, dev``, test, and production).

Members of an organization can be given access to one or more of its spaces. Space members with the Developer or Manager role can view apps, deploy apps, and provision service instances to the space.


Managers and Helion Stackato admins can manage spaces and organizations with the stackato client or the Management Console.

Users and Roles

Helion Stackato users can take on one or more roles within organizations and spaces. These roles can be assigned by a Manager of the relevant scope or a Helion Stackato Admin:

Org Roles

  • Manager: Can add/remove Spaces and Domains, edit the roles of Org members, and change the name of the Org
  • Billing Manager: Can edit/change the billing account info, payment info
  • Auditor: View-only access to all org and space info, settings, reports

Space Roles

  • Manager: Can add/remove Org members to the space (as managers, developers or auditors) and rename the space. The role does not automatically inherit Developer permissions, but Managers have permission to add that role to their own account.
  • Developer: Can create, delete, manage applications and services, full access to all usage reports and logs
  • Auditor: View only access to all space information, settings, reports, logs