Checking the Logs

Most Helion Stackato users will not have administrative access to the server. If you need to troubleshoot an application deployment or runtime failure, you can use the stackato client to view the stderr and stdout log files. For example, if an application called myapp did not deploy correctly, run the command:

$ stackato logs myapp --all

This will generally show all errors encountered during deployment.

If you need to view another log file (for example, one specific to your application), use the files command to explore the remote filesystem and return the contents of the files:

$ stackato files myapp logs
stderr.log                                 44B
stdout.log                                101B
myapp-err.log                             189B

$ stackato files myapp logs/myapp-err.log

If that command should fail, try using the run command in combination with ls or cat:

$ stackato run myapp cat ../logs/myapp-err.log

Administrative Error Tracker

If an application deployment error is caused by something outside of your application code or the staging process, you may see error messages such as:

2015-04-10T16:22:56.000Z: Error 10001: An unknown error occurred. Please contact your adminstrator,
2015-04-10T16:22:56.000Z: specifying error tracker ID 1428682976 along with this message. (500)

Contact your Helion Stackato administrator with the tracker ID number. The admin will be able to use this to track down related error messages in various system logs, which can help diagnose the issue.

Specific Cases

When pushing an app, the Helion Stackato Client reports OK but app is not running

The final output from pushing an app should look like:

Staging Application: OK
Starting Application: OK

If the app is being pushed to multiple instances, the client waits until at least one instance is running, and exits at that point (it does not wait until all instances are active). If afterwards you run stackato apps and find the Health status at 0%, it is because the app crashed after starting successfully, not because the Helion Stackato client reported incorrectly.

DNS queries returning "connection refused"

This error is reported when the Helion Stackato server does not have an IP Address. To investigate and resolve, try the following:

  • Verify the ARP tables on the hypervisor host, and on the Helion Stackato server through its tty console:

    $ arp -n
  • Check that the DHCP client is running:

    $ pgrep dhclient
    $ grep dhclient /var/log/syslog
  • Connect to the DHCP server and verify that it is receiving client requests from the Helion Stackato server.

  • If your network is statically configured, assign an IP address on the Helion Stackato server by editing the interfaces file: